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SGR IMA TEN came from Sunshine Boer Goats in Tennessee. She was 7th in the 2008 ABGA National Show in her age group. Ten has 15 ABGA show points.

Below:  Pixie Dust  2-27-2010   FB Doe
Above:  CJG1 Hot Flash is a beautiful dark spotted doe that will provide more flash to the herd.

Left: PFF Allusive Fire is a beautiful red doe out of PFF Allusive Scar  Above: Bes Mar Bob Lilly--a huge doe and mother of RRRJH Jack

Above: Miss LLBG S 250 and her 3 year-old daughter CRW Cinder Ray  Solid black FB B0er Does are bred to 1AA Ice Cap

Right: Mother Misss Scarlet with 5 day-old twins--Whopper and Milk Dud